Soundcloud Offers New Plan for DJs: Is It Worth It?

What makes Soundcloud DJ different from Soundcloud Go+

Soundcloud, the world’s biggest open audio platform, has just introduced a new plan catering to DJs. Rolled out in October 2020, Soundcloud DJ gives users unlimited offline access to its entire catalog. How does it differ from Soundcloud Go+ and is it worth the monthly subscription fee? Let’s find out.

About the Soundcloud DJ Plan

Soundcloud's new plan for DJs: Is it Worth It?

Soundcloud has a massive catalog of hip-hop, electronic, and exclusive, open-format tracks. The biggest benefit that subscribers can get from Soundcloud DJ is that they can save as many of these tracks as they want locally in particular DJ apps. Subscribers can spin and mix their saved tracks any time they want, even when they’re offline.

Soundcloud DJ currently works with Virtual DJ, and it’s expected to have support for other DJ performance software, like Denon DJ and Cross DJ, in the future. The Virtual DJ integration allows audio creators not just to stream, but also mix original tracks in high-quality audio.

The new DJ plan also provides subscribers with statistics, private links as well as the ability to upload high-definition lossless formats. It’s important to note that at launch, only Algoriddim and Virtual DJ support in-app track data.

In addition, users can comment and interact with other users, such as fans and fellow creators, to get much-needed feedback on uploaded tracks.

The Soundcloud DJ plan starts at $19.99 a month. That’s $10 more expensive than that of SoundCloud Go+, which doesn’t offer offline access to SoundCloud tracks.

What makes Soundcloud DJ different from Soundcloud Go+

Soundcloud Go+ also offers subscribers access to more than 200 million tracks, and it’s got a lot more integration with DJ apps than what Soundcloud DJ currently has upon launch. For instance, the Go+ subscription lets users mix tracks not only with Virtual DJ, but also with Traktor DJ 2, Serato DJ Lite and DJ Pro and DEX 3, among other partners.

Like Soundcloud DJ, Go+ also offers offline sync, high-quality audio streaming and zero ads. So what could make Soundcloud DJ a better option, aside from offline access?

Well, Soundcloud’s new DJ plan promises subscribers that, along with the ability to save an unlimited number of tracks, they will get every feature that comes with Soundcloud Go+. So is the additional $10 for offline access really worth it?

Is it worth the cost?

How does it differ from Soundcloud Go+ and is it worth the monthly subscription fee?

For some, coughing up $19.99 for offline access may seem a bit too much, but we can see how this may appeal to some users. There are times when Wi-Fi or internet connection can be pretty unstable, and this can really have a disastrous impact on a DJ’s career.

The new plan is designed to let music creators spin and mix wherever and whenever inspiration strikes, and be confident in the knowledge that nothing untoward will happen mid-set.

At this point in time however, with the limited availability of partners at launch, it may be worthwhile to wait a bit more until you are given more options in terms of DJ software integration.

If you are just starting out and have a limited budget for music and software, Soundcloud Go+ seems to be a better option–at least, until Soundcloud DJ finally integrates with more DJ performance software.