HUDL Music Relocates Headquarters from NYC to Denver

Denver (August 25, 2021) – HUDL Music, the upstart community-based platform for independent artists and music makers, announced today the relocation of their headquarters to Denver, CO from New York City. Shortly after passing the brand’s 1-year anniversary since launch, Lashion Robinson, founder and CEO of HUDL Music, began the search for a new place for his growing platform to call home.

True to the roots of the company, Robinson wanted to find a scene that was under the radar nationally, but one that was on the verge of breaking out into the collective music conscience in the U.S. market. 

“We considered many places—there’s so much amazing music being created throughout the country right now,” said Robinson. “But one really stood out to us above the rest.

“Denver has an amazing and thriving music scene, and it’s really just getting started. They’ve got a ton of exciting independent artists, bands, singer/songwriters and producers covering all genres, and we knew we wanted to be a part of it.”

To kick things off in 2021, HUDL Music partnered with the Westword 2021 Music Showcase as a key sponsoring partner. The two-day event will be taking place September 17-18, 2021 in the heart of Denver’s Rino Art District.

Marrying the concept of social media with music distribution and a growing list of other music promotion tools to help independent artists and musicians focus more on music creation and less on navigating the complex task of marketing themselves, Robinson built HUDL Music to help indie artists get their music to a wider audience without all the costs and trappings of what’s on the landscape today. 

As a former record label executive himself, Robinson knew he could bring an expert eye to an industry that’s changing by the day, and getting tougher, more competitive and more splintered by the minute.

“My passion has always been helping and fostering new indie artists, and given the continued upheaval in the industry, the challenges around how to promote your music in 2021, a lack of free music promotion tools and a future that’s largely still being written, 2019 felt like the perfect time to start something like this,” said Robinson.

“Plus, it’s sorely needed in the marketplace,” adds Robinson. “Denver was the perfect next step for our platform.”

HUDL Music is a social-based community platform where independent artists, bands, musicians, instrumentalists, producers, MCs, DJs, singer/songwriters and anyone else involved with creating music can connect, collaborate, and create with a focused, global community of independent artists and independent music fans. The platform offers an ad-free experience, and free music promotion tools — an arsenal of features that are constantly being added to as HUDL Music’s community grows bigger and stronger by the day.  

It started in April of 2019, and in just over a year following HUDL Music’s launch, the platform has a worldwide userbase that’s seeing an average rate of 21% month-over-month growth. 

With the move to Denver, HUDL Music has a lot of new things in development, with plans to create live virtual experiences to help get new music heard, HUDL Music-exclusive music festivals, help promote active artists in the community, centralized online marketing & distribution tools, and more than anything, a desire to continue fostering an already rich independent music scene worldwide.

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